We want you!

Regardless of your degree, regardless of your passions, regardless of the impact you are looking to make on this world; Lightforse likely has an opportunity to match your skill-set. See how our purpose might serve yours.

At Lightforse we are seeking trained team members for our clients. We offer a work environment where inspiration, creativity and originality are nurtured so our people can make a difference wherever they go.

Take your career to next level

We are here to help you, you just need to tell us how



The recruitment process starts off with recruitment planning which involves analyzing and describing job specifications, qualifications, experience, and skills required to fill the open positions.



In order to move forward with the recruitment process, you need to screen and shortlist applicants efficiently and accurately. This is where the recruitment process gets difficult and challenging. Let us handle placing the perfect candidate for your team.


Training & Development

To stay competitive in today’s tech storm, two aspects of learning and development are key. Developing a strong learning culture and providing training that supports rapid change. At Lightforse we focus on training as a means of improving employee performance. 

Connections at Lightforse

Our people and our culture make Lightforse a place where leaders thrive. We have diverse background of consultants and alumni that are proud to be a part of our firm. Our impact can be as large or as small as our people make them. We seek professionals who see the world differently, who find opportunity where others won’t.

Our alumni work in every business sector within the United States. Through formal and informal networking events, Lightforse consultants make and sustain professional relationships. This dynamic network is a lasting benefit of a career with Lightforse.